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7 Must-Have Amenities for the Modern Apartment Complex


Enhance your apartment living experience with these 7 essential amenities. Visit our website to learn about the must-have features of a modern apartment complex

Around 38% of renters live in apartment buildings – nearly 40 million people.

There are many perks of living in an apartment building, from simpler maintenance to affordability. If you’re thinking about finding a modern apartment complex this year, it’s important to have a set of criteria to guide you.

Not all apartment buildings are the same. If you want luxury apartment amenities, you need to be discerning. Keep reading and we’ll tell you must-have amenities to look for in your next apartment complex.


1. Pool and Spa

What makes an apartment luxurious is different for everyone. Something that most people can agree on is that nothing says “luxury apartment complex,” like a pool and spa area.

A quality apartment complex will have a resort-style pool that’s for both swimming and lounging. 

This is where you and your fellow apartment dwellers will get to know one another and develop 

a sense of community.

2. Underground Parking

Of all the community amenities you should be looking for, security should be near the top of the priority list. Outdoor parking leaves your vehicle open to the elements, not to mention the prying eyes of criminals – there are more than a million car thefts in America per year.

A secure underground parking structure that requires a FOB to enter and exit is the best way to keep your car safe. Keeping it underground will also keep it protected from the mess that snow, rain, and animals make on our cars.

3. Smart Home Features

Your unit itself should be equipped with luxury apartment amenities. One thing that facilitates a life of luxury is smart home technology. When your apartment is automated, you don’t have to think about managing your household.

Image 2 4

There are many types of smart home features, from smart thermostats to automatic lighting. When you have a smart home, you’ll be able to turn your apartment into a customized paradise.

4. Fitness Center

Joining a fitness club isn’t just expensive, it’s a hassle that most people have to force themselves to do. If your gym is located inside your luxury apartment complex, you’re far more likely to go regularly. Luxury apartments should have a sizeable gym that can accommodate a large number of residents at any given time.

5. Media Room

If you enjoy the moviegoing experience, having a community media room is a great amenity. Most luxury apartments will either allow you to reserve the media room to watch a film with your friends or hold community movie nights to bring residents together.

6. In-Unit Appliances

Always look for appliances in your unit. A luxury apartment will have a brand-new oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and an in-unit washer/dryer.

7. Private Outdoor Space

If you want a lot of private outdoor space, you may benefit from something like https://thereservecommunities.com.

Image 3 5

That said, a good luxury apartment complex should give you a private balcony to enjoy the outdoors.

Find Your Modern Apartment Complex Today

These are just a few of the top amenities you should look for in a modern apartment complex. 

Apartment living doesn’t have to be restrictive and if you have these kinds of amenities available, it’ll be just as fruitful as living in your own home.

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