Here’s My Story

Beatrice Flores

Located in Miami, Florida, the Living Pristine team provides homeowners with all the tools and resources they need to clean their homes and offices in easier and more effective ways. 

Beatrice Flores, head of the team and professional cleaner with years of experience, provides a variety of tutorials to help homeowners learn the best ways to declutter and clean their homes.

This is based on her experience, both as a professional cleaner as well as a homeowner who’s struggled with finding the most effective and value-for-money vacuum cleaners on the market. 

She and her team have tested all the best vacuum cleaners on your behalf so you don’t have to, enabling you to purchase the most effective ones for your home.

On this website, you’ll be able to read a variety of articles to make cleaning your living space a less stressful experience.

These articles include how-to guides on the best practices to follow when using vacuum cleaners, buying guides that help you choose the best vacuum cleaners on the market, and comparison articles where you’ll be able to compare vacuum cleaners from top-quality brands like Shark and Bissell, so you’ll always get the most up-to-date information you need to give your home a professional clean. 

There are also useful guides to help you achieve a healthy, clean home in general, such as how to declutter your house and follow zero-waste cleaning tips that are good for your household as well as the environment.

By making Living Pristine your one-stop website for vacuuming and house cleaning tips, you’ll always have the latest information you need to give your home a professional clean while saving yourself some money in the process because you won’t have to call the professionals.


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