Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum: The Ultimate Cleaning Power!

shark nv352 navigator lift away upright vacuum

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum

Introducing the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum, a powerful cleaning tool designed to tackle even the toughest messes. With its versatile lift-away feature, this vacuum provides the convenience of both an upright and a canister vacuum in one, allowing you to easily clean stairs, furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Key Features of the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning up dirt, dust, and debris, the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum has a range of key features that make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at what this powerful vacuum has to offer:

  1. Lift-Away Technology: One of the standout features of the Shark NV352 is its lift-away functionality. With just a press of a button, you can detach the canister from the main body, transforming it into a portable and lightweight vacuum. This allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas like stairs, upholstery, and even ceilings.
  2. Powerful Suction: The NV352 boasts strong suction power thanks to its advanced cyclonic technology. Equipped with an efficient motor and superior airflow design, this vacuum effectively captures fine particles and deep cleans carpets while maintaining optimal performance.
  3. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal System: If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma, the Shark NV352 has got you covered. Its innovative Anti-Allergen Complete Seal System ensures that 99.9% of dust and allergens are trapped inside the vacuum, preventing them from being released back into your home’s air.
  4. Swivel Steering: Manoeuvring around furniture and tight corners is effortless with the Shark NV352’s swivel steering feature. It allows for smooth navigation, making cleaning more efficient and saving you time in those hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Versatile Cleaning Attachments: This upright vacuum comes with several useful attachments such as a crevice tool for reaching narrow spaces, a pet power brush for removing pet hair from upholstery or stairs, and a dusting brush for delicate surfaces like lamp shades or blinds.
  6. Large Capacity Dust Cup: With its generous-sized dust cup capacity, you won’t have to worry about frequent emptying. The NV352 can hold a significant amount of dirt and debris, reducing the need for constant interruptions during your cleaning sessions.

How to Use the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum

Using the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum is a breeze, making your cleaning routine more efficient and effective. With its versatile features and powerful suction, this vacuum is designed to tackle various surfaces and hard-to-reach areas in your home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use this exceptional cleaning tool:

  1. Assembly:
    • Start by assembling the vacuum according to the instructions provided in the user manual.
    • Attach the desired accessory or brush head based on the type of surface you’ll be cleaning.
  1. Powering On:
    • Plug in the vacuum’s power cord into a nearby outlet.
    • Locate the power switch on the machine and turn it on.
  1. Adjusting Settings:
    • Depending on your floor type, adjust the brush roll setting accordingly. For carpets, engage the brush roll for deep cleaning, while for bare floors, disengage it to prevent scattering debris.
    • If needed, adjust the height settings of the vacuum head to match different carpet pile heights.
  1. Lift-Away Mode:
    • The Shark NV352 Navigator also offers a convenient Lift-Away mode for portable cleaning. Simply press down on the lift-away release button located near the canister handle.
    • Lift away just that detachable pod with its hose extending from it and enjoy effortless above-floor cleaning.
  1. Cleaning Process:
    • Push or pull (depending on your preference) the vacuum across your floors in slow, overlapping strokes.
    • To effectively remove dirt and debris from corners and edges, utilise attachments like crevice tools or dusting brushes.
  1. Emptying Dust Cup:
    • When you notice that the dust cup is full or nearly full, pause your cleaning session.
    • Press down on the dust cup release latch located above it.
    • Remove the dust cup by pulling it away from the vacuum body.
    • Empty the contents into a trash bin and firmly reattach the dust cup back onto the vacuum.
  1. Maintenance:
    • Regularly clean or replace filters as recommended in the user manual to maintain optimum performance.
    • Check for clogs in hoses, brush rolls, and attachments regularly and remove any obstructions if necessary.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to effectively utilise the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum for all your cleaning needs. With its versatility and powerful suction, this vacuum is sure to become your go-to cleaning companion.