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Water Wisdom: The Role of Soft vs. Hard Water in Cleaning Outcomes


The hardness of water is determined by how much calcium and magnesium it contains. Some areas of the UK, including London, the South East, and Hull, have very hard water.

There are many benefits and negatives associated with both types, and they can even affect how you clean your clothes, possessions, and surfaces.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers several cleaning services, including flood damage restoration, mold cleaning, and forensic cleaning. Its professional cleaners have been accredited by a number of organizations, including BICSc, IPAF, and Dewpoint Professional.

Keep reading to learn more about hard and soft water and how it affects cleaning.

The Difference Between Soft and Hard Water

The presence of minerals in your water can seriously affect how your water tastes and feels and the impact it has on your health.

Soft water, for example, can taste slightly salty as it contains a higher concentration of sodium and may make your hands feel slippery due to the lack of minerals.


Drinking hard water, on the other hand, can ensure you receive a sufficient intake of calcium and magnesium, but it might leave behind a mineral build-up on surfaces like shower heads.

One of the biggest differences between the two types, however, is the water’s ability to clean surfaces and possessions.

How Water Hardness Affects Cleaning

Soft water is usually the more effective and efficient cleaning agent. It quickly causes detergents to lather with a small amount of product and does not leave behind mineral stains on clothes or surfaces. Clothes washed in soft water tend to be cleaner and suffer less wear and tear, too.

Many people prefer to bathe in soft water, as well, as less soap is required, and hard water can make the skin dry out and become itchy. It can even weaken the skin’s barrier against bacteria and infection.


Cleaning with hard water can also cause soap scum and mineral stains to form and tends to require more water to ensure the garment, surface, or possession is thoroughly cleaned.

However, this does not mean you should not use hard water for cleaning your home or washing your clothes. It will just take longer for a thorough clean, and more detergent will be required.

There are water-softening systems available that can protect your hair and skin and make cleaning quicker and easier, such as ion exchange technology. Positively charged sodium ions attract calcium and magnesium in the water, removing the minerals that make the water hard.

When you require specialist cleaning, such as mold removal or fire damage restoration, you must bring in cleaning experts instead of trying to clean the area yourself. They will have the expert cleaning products and equipment needed for a thorough cleaning.

You can learn more about ICE Cleaning on the website.