Wooden Floor Care: Sweep or Vacuum?


The wooden floor ambiance will never get old. Made famous by the Victorian and Baroque Eras, it remains relevant today. We also see manufacturers creating plastic wood-like tiles to imitate the aesthetics. The vintage look remains suitable as different versions continue to be made.

Wooden floors can sometimes seem complicated to clean as you are caught between the broom and the vacuum cleaner. Commonly harder floors can handle vacuum cleaners, while softer types of wood work best with the broom. However, you can typically use both on most wooden floors.

Always research the type of floor you have to ensure you employ the proper cleaning techniques, just like you wouldn’t just log into any online casino, but always research to find the leading Iowa Sportsbooks to place a bet on your favorite tournament. If you love your vintage floors, take care of them.


Types of Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring can be finished or unfinished and solid or engineered.

Finished or Unfinished?

Finished flooring is the type that comes already sealed and sanded from the factory. These are great because installation is a breeze. You are also at an advantage because you don’t have to deal with the odors from the finishing liquids, and additionally, the floor can be walked on immediately after installation.

Unfinished hardwood floors are an excellent option for a more customized look. With these, you can apply your stain to match the colors in your interior. This can be time-consuming because you must wait for the staining and finish to dry.

Solid or Engineered?

Solid flooring is thick wood that can be sanded and refinished several times.


Engineered hardwood flooring is commonly found in the form of plywood, and several layers of wood are glued together. This makes it a stable option, and it can be used anywhere.

Maintaining Your Floor

Here are a few tips for caring for your floor:

Use an Area Rug

You could use smaller carpets and rugs to protect the floor under your furniture and prevent it from getting scratched. Also, ensure you lift your furniture instead of pushing it around. Another option is to go for furniture pads that sit directly under the feet of your furniture. Remember, no dragging. Floors can also get scratched by shoes and your pet’s nails. Clip your pet’s nails; sadly, you might want to ask your guests to remove their shoes at the door and slip into softer ones.

Maintain and Clean Your Floor Regularly

Sweep and dust your floors daily; even if guests remove their shoes, the house can get dusty. You can also vacuum on a weekly basis if your floors are vacuum friendly. A vacuum cleaner is also advantageous because it can grab all those other things you may have missed with your broom. Don’t scrub your wooden floors to remove stubborn stains; use certified wood floor cleaners. If you spill liquids, wipe them off immediately.

Ensure the Subbase is Properly Laid

Sometimes your wooden floor can be damaged by a poorly laid foundation.


The surface must be clean and flat, with no holes or dents that could cause the flooring to fall in. Ensure all cracks and gaps are covered before installing.

Essentials to Sweep or Vacuum Your Floor

To ensure your wooden floor is up to the desired standard, ensure you have the following :

More Advanced Care Tips for Wooden Flooring

If your floor still looks old after employing all these techniques, consider refinishing it using top coats, surface finishes, and stains. Another added advantage of using one of these techniques is that the floor can look brand new afterward and have a different color. Refinishing liquids come in beautiful tones that can match your interior. Always go for oil-based ones if your floor has always used those.