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What Should I Be Looking for in a Caravan



When it comes to buying a caravan, feeling overwhelmed is a totally normal feeling. A caravan is like a home on wheels, which means it requires just as much thought and consideration as buying a home. And with so many options to choose from, buying a caravan can sometimes feel like you’re navigating through a complex maze of options without a map. Of course, that decision will be easier when you know the things you should be looking out for. In this article, we’ll list some of the most important things to consider when you’re shopping for a caravan.


Caravan Size

Caravan size is an important consideration because it affects a whole lot of other things. First, the caravan size will determine how much internal space you’ll get. If you’re a solo traveler or you’re traveling as a couple with no kids, you definitely won’t need a lot of indoor space. But for a family of adventurers, you’ll need to look for a caravan that can fit in more beds and still provide plenty of space to move around.


However, having sufficient space inside also translates to a wider or longer caravan, which can significantly impact parking, towing, and maneuvering your caravan.

Caravan Towing Weight

Since most people buy a tow vehicle before shopping for a caravan, the weight of the caravan is an important consideration. On the one hand, there are towing regulations that you need to follow as far as matching your caravan size to your tow vehicle is concerned. And even in places where these rules are relaxed, there is some common sense you have to follow regardless. For instance, everyone agrees that your loaded caravan shouldn’t weigh more than your tow vehicle. Before shopping for a caravan, find out how much weight your tow vehicle can carry and adjust your needs accordingly.


Like an actual home, you must consider the internal layout of your caravan and how it fits into your lifestyle. As you will find, there are dozens of caravan layouts to choose from. Consider the number and positioning of the beds, kitchen, bathroom facilities, storage compartments, and other internal features of your caravan.


Consider how all of these will affect your caravaning experience and prioritize what’s most important to you.


Your caravaning experience depends on the features or amenities available in your caravan. There are a lot of things to check when it comes to caravan amenities. There are essentials like heating and plumbing as well as fancier features like a solar panel or auto-leveling feature. Decide on your must-haves and nice-to-haves early on, and inspect your caravan to ensure it has all the features you want.

Think about what’s most important to you and ensure your caravan has those features. The features to look out for also depend on how you intend to use your caravan. For an off-road caravan, for instance, features like specialized off-road chassis, 4WD tires, alternative power sources, and water storage are top priorities.