How To Shine Laminate Floors

How To Shine Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are supposed to look glossy and beautiful. If you’ve noticed that yours have become a bit dull, you will have to remedy this with some important tools and products so that your laminate floor looks good and you extend its lifespan.

How long does laminate flooring last? Your laminate floor can last for between 15 and 25 years, but how you look after it can help you to make it last longer.

While you can use vacuum cleaners and mops on your laminate floors, you have to ensure you clean them properly without causing them any damage. Here’s your guide on how to shine laminate floors. 


Why Is Your Laminate Floor Dull?

Why Is Your Laminate Floor Dull?

Your laminate floor can lose its shine for a variety of reasons. Here are some to consider.

  • You’re using too much floor cleaner. When you use large quantities of floor cleaner on your laminate floor, this can cause the product to build up on the surface and cause it to become dull. 
  • You’re exposing your laminate floor to too much water. When you mop your floor, make sure that it’s damp but not sopping wet with water. This is because water can cause the laminate planks to swell and warp. 
  • Your laminate floor is in a lot of sunlight. You might not think those rays of UV light that enter your home and form patterns across the laminate floor can damage it, but it can cause the laminate to fade or become discolored, both of which make it look dull. 

How To Shine Laminate Floors 

How To Shine Laminate Floors 

Your laminate floors are meant to be shiny and look beautiful. Maintaining them is important so that they’re always in good condition.

If your laminate floors are looking a bit dull, you can revive them by following some correct cleaning tips. Here are the most effective ones. 

Vacuum your floors

Dirt and dust can make your laminate floors appear dull, so you make sure you pick up all that debris with a vacuum cleaner.

Just make sure that you use your vacuum cleaner’s hard floor attachment as this will prevent the machine from scratching the laminate. 

Mop your laminate floor with natural cleaners

You can make your own DIY laminate floor cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar. This is better than relying on store-bought cleaners as they can cause the laminate to become dull.

You should especially avoid any cleaning products that contain oil or harsh chemicals. 

When mopping, make sure you use a mop that has a microfiber head. This is soft so it won’t scratch the laminate floor and it also works well to buff the laminate to make it shine.

Avoid a string mop as this uses too much water when cleaning, which can cause streaks or damage the floor. 

Apply a polishing product

You should avoid polishes from the store as these can be too harsh for laminate floors. A better idea is to make your own DIY laminate floor polish. These can work well to remove scuffs and make your laminate shine.

To make a simple DIY floor polish, you’ll need two cups of hot water, one tablespoon of white vinegar, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, and a squirt bottle.

Mix together the water, oil, and vinegar in a bottle and shake it well. You’ll also need a microfiber cloth. 

After you’ve vacuumed and mopped your floor, use this DIY polish. Spray it onto the floor and then rub the solution into the laminate floor with a microfiber cloth. Work in circular motions. 

Another DIY floor polish you can make is to mix vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol in equal parts. Put it in a spray bottle and then spray the solution on sections of your laminate floor.

Dry the solution with a clean microfiber cloth, which works well to buff the floor. 

Remove stains

Stains can stay on the surface of your laminate floor, so you want to eliminate them before they make the laminate look dull.

Rubbing alcohol works well to remove a variety of stains, such as paint, crayon, nail polish, and ink. By comparison, a blend of soap, water, and vinegar is a universal cleaning solution for other stains.

If the stain has already dried, you can remove it by using a plastic scraper. Be careful not to push it too hard so you don’t scratch the laminate floor. 

Why Is Your Laminate Floor Cloudy?

Why Is Your Laminate Floor Cloudy?

An issue you might be encountering is that your laminate floors are not just dull but have a cloudy appearance. This is caused by a buildup of products that you’re using on the laminate floor, which then attracts dirt that further blocks the laminate’s sheen.

Eliminate cloudiness from laminate by removing the accumulation of cleaning products. Remove any dirt by sweeping or vacuuming the floor, then mop it with a DIY cleaning solution we mentioned earlier. 

How To Keep Your Laminate Floors Shiny In Future 

Now that your laminate floors look glossy and beautiful, you’ll naturally want to keep them that way. You can achieve this by following a few important tips.

Vacuum and mop your laminate floors once a week

Vacuum and mop your laminate floors once a week

To ensure you prevent product buildup or debris from accumulating, you should ensure you mop your laminate floor at least once a week after you vacuum it to remove that surface layer of dirt.

You should dry mop your floors on a daily basis as this will ensure they can stay in good condition. A mop with a microfiber head should be used to prevent scratches. Microfiber also collects dust so that it can’t scatter across the floor. 

Place floor mats in entryways

Floor mats work well to collect dirt and debris that you bring inside the house. This will prevent it from ending up on your laminate floors. 

Clean up spills as soon as they happen 

While laminate is strong and durable, it shouldn’t be exposed to too much water. If you notice a spill on the laminate floor, you should remove it as quickly as possible.

Remove solid spills, like food, with a cloth or spoon and mop up liquid spills with cloths. 

Use furniture pads

Use furniture pads

Place adhesive pads underneath furniture so that it doesn’t scratch your floors. The more scratches or scuffs that your laminate floor has, the duller it will appear. 

Never use any abrasive cleaning tools

Stiff-bristled brushes and abrasive cleaning pads should be avoided when you want to clean your laminate floors. These can cause scratches and scuffs in the laminate, both of which will make your floor look dull and old.

Install blinds or curtains 

In the room where you have installed laminate flooring, you should close blinds or curtains at the hottest times of day when the sun streams through the windows.

This will prevent the laminate from experiencing fading and discoloration from high levels of UV exposure.

How To Prevent Streaks When Cleaning Laminate Floors

How To Prevent Streaks When Cleaning Laminate Floors

A common complaint some people have when cleaning their laminate floors is that they are susceptible to streaking. You can easily prevent this from happening by buffing the floors to dry them with a microfiber cloth after you have mopped them.

If you use too much cleaning product when cleaning your laminate floors, this can also cause them to streak. Try to use less product when you mop your floors to prevent product residue. 

Related Questions 

How often should you shine your laminate floor?

How often should you shine your laminate floor?

You should shine your laminate floor every time you clean it, or whenever it looks dull.

Since you’re using a natural cleaning solution, this makes it safe to use regularly. If you’re using a commercial laminate floor cleaner, follow its instructions.

Can you use a regular broom to sweep your laminate floor?

If you want to use a regular broom to clean dirt from your laminate floor, make sure you choose one that has soft bristles which won’t scratch or scuff it. 


Laminate floors have many advantages, such as that they’re durable and a more affordable alternative to hardwood. But, you need to ensure that your laminate floor is looked after. 

If your laminate floors are looking dull, you can buff them back to life. With the use of some DIY cleaning solutions, you can make your laminate floor look brighter and more beautiful without having to put in a lot of effort.