Seven Beautiful Outdoor Water Feature Ideas For Your Home


From koi ponds to waterfalls, outdoor water features have become a top choice for homeowners across the globe. Water features have the ability to transform your landscape into a unique and beautiful presence that can stand out among all competitors.

A water feature does not always have to be a pool. They are available in all sizes to cater to the tastes and needs of every homeowner. This means you do not always have to think about spending a lot of money beautifying your yard.

Here are some water feature ideas that can spruce up your yard instantly.


Water Fountains

Lately, it seems like water fountains have become all the rage for homeowners. Water fountains are available in all colors, materials, and sizes. You can also explore different materials such as concrete, grass, cement, and stainless steel.

You can look for the best water fountains for your yard and choose the one best for your yard. It can be a time-taking process, but it is worth it to put some effort into enhancing your home’s exterior. A variety of options can help you make the right choice for your yard in various shapes and sizes.

They can be added as an accent to your garden or may even be placed in a pond to complement other yard features. Just ensure that the size or appearance of your fountain does not overpower other focal points of your yard.

Bubbling Fountains

Many people go to their front yard to relax after a long day. After all, nothing is better than a fresh breeze and green surroundings to remove your tiredness. Now, imagine this peaceful moment being paired with the relaxing sound of bubbling water.

If you are looking for a compact yet relaxing water feature for your home, you can always consider a bubbling fountain. You can visit to discover endless options for your backyard.

It works based on simple pump mechanics that any homeowner can excel at in no time. If you are worried about mosquitos, you can keep a couple of goldfish in the fountain. They can eat away the larvae and ensure the beauty and safety of your home.

Another important thing to consider is that your bubbling fountain must always be near an outlet. Otherwise, you may have to use an extension that can be unplugged easily and may be a chore to hide from plain sight.

Miniature Ponds

Adding a miniature pond to your yard can be trickier than you may think. From considering the weather conditions of the area to deciding whether you want to have fish in your pond, many questions can baffle any aspirant.

The weather conditions and your preferences for miniature ponds are strongly interlinked. For example, people who decide to have fish or tropical plants in their pond must get at least 5-6 hours of sunlight every day. Otherwise, these additions can perish and ruin your vision of a perfect miniature pond.

Of course, you may also need some time and expert advice on finding the right pond size for your yard. Once you have decided on your pond’s dimensions, you can contact experts to start the digging process.



Birdbaths are an ideal outdoor addition for avid bird watchers. If you love birds, you may already know that they prefer birdbaths over feeders. From heated bird baths for winters to the ones that spray mist, you can look for an option that suits your climate the best.

Birdbaths can be a great way for you and the birds to have a good time together while enhancing the curb appeal of your home. However, you may need to take precautionary steps to ensure that the birds are safe on your property.

It is best to ensure the surface of the birdbath is non-slippery and the water does not exceed 3 inches depth limit. You can place small stones or pebbles at the bottom to make the water shallower. This way, you can prevent little birds from drowning.

Japanese Water Garden

Buddhist tradition and teachings continue to inspire millions worldwide. You can also inspire your home with Japanese water gardens, a Buddhist tradition that aims to create peaceful locations for people to feel relaxed, collected, and peaceful.

A Japanese water garden cannot be formed in a noisy area with rushing water. It must be quiet to give you a soothing experience. Besides the water body, you can add other plants and rocks to create a serene environment outside your home. Bamboo and bonsai trees are the most common choices for people with Japanese water gardens. However, you can incorporate any plants as you need.


Water Basins

Water basins can be one of the most interesting and innovative additions to any yard. These decorative bowls catch water from a spout and overflow when the basin fills. These water basins can be made of copper, aluminum, stone, wood, and other materials. This water goes back to the spout and continues this relaxing cycle.

The water basins are yet another masterpiece from Japanese heritage. Although these basins may have different meanings and significance for many people, they can be a timeless addition to your yard, fetching you compliments for the best outdoor setting.


A waterfall may sound like a huge project but that does not mean that you should assume it is not right for your yard. A waterfall can be configured for any size so that you can easily display this feature without undermining other aspects of your yard. You can look for a waterfall with or without a pond below as per your preferences.

While many homeowners prefer undertaking challenges and maintaining their homes by themselves, consider hiring a professional for a job. A waterfall installation can be tricky and may need a lot of maintenance to sustain.

You can ask an expert for their guidance before proceeding with the idea so that you feel sure about spending your resources in the right place.